Art Deco Lighting

Art Deco Lighting Concepts, Lights throughout the Art Deco movement was remarkable, stylish and futuristic looking. It was an essential feature of interior design and a key element of exterior style. Porcelain as well as glass were made use of to fashion light shades. This additionally added to the streamlined, streamlined Deco aesthetic. Attractive glass Lalique lights as well as other lights pieces were popular and remain to remain in hot need today. Another typical attribute of Deco lights is geometric pattern. Balanced and also repeating angular styles like zig-zags, chevrons as well as Egyptian symbols were often engraved in metal light articles as well as glass shades.

Also, the glass would often be been painted in vibrant colours like dazzling red or pearl blue. Bright colours were an incredibly popular trend throughout the days of Deco. Art Deco Lighting Characteristics, To match the smooth architecture as well as contemporary interior design aspects of the Deco period, lighting pieces additionally showed the traditional qualities of the design:
Geometric, angular layouts – i.e. chevrons, zigzags
Structured as well as modern
Long, vertical shapes
Substantial use of steel, chrome, bronze and also other ‘glossy’ steels
Neon lights (mainly for external usage).
Often large/over-scaled to produce drama.
Advanced’ appearance – evocative equipment.
Vibrant, bright colours.
Glass or porcelain lamp shades.
Lalique crystal or glass lamps.


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